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What below describes the most pressing problem you have to tackle at the moment?

  1. Lack of support (from management, testers, developers etc.)
  2. Lack of resources (staff, software, hardware, time etc.)
  3. Lack of direction (what to automate, which automation architecture to implement etc.)
  4. Lack of specific knowledge (how to test the Software Under Test (SUT), use a tool, find out how the automation actually works, write maintainable automation etc.)
  5. Management expectations for automation not met (Return On Investment (ROI), behind schedule etc.)
  6. Expectations for automated test execution not met (scripts unreliable or too slow, tests cannot run unattended, etc.)
  7. Maintenance expectations not met (undocumented data or scripts, no revision control etc.)

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If you find that more than one answer fits your case, start with the most challenging. Once you have resolved it, you should return to this question and tackle the next ones.

If you want to revive test automation you can also just skip to the issue STALLED AUTOMATION to get an overview of possible solving patterns.

Please let us know if there is a category that we have missed - thanks. See Feedback for how to give feedback on this.