Lack of direction

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Please select what you think is the main reason for the lack of direction

For the following items the issue of choice is AD-HOC AUTOMATION:
  1. Nobody is in charge of test automation, everybody does what he or she thinks best without cooperating with the others
  2. Automation is done ad-hoc without a leading strategy or architecture

More reasons for lack of direction:

  1. Management doesn't support automation so it is done underhand by a lonely crusader. INADEQUATE SUPPORT is the issue to look up in this case
  2. Automators believe that they have to automate the manual test cases as is. You probably have a case of MANUAL MIMICRY or INTERDEPENDENT TEST CASES
  3. Testers doing automation don't know how to do it well. The issue LIMITED EXPERIENCE can help you solve this kind of problem
  4. Tool use or testware architecture is different from team to team. Look up the issue LOCALISED REGIMES
  5. The important tests have not been automated, only the easy ones. This could be a case of UNFOCUSED AUTOMATION.

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