Lack of support

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What kind of support are you missing?

If you are lacking support in a specific way, one of the following may give you ideas:

  1. Managers say that they support you, but back off when you need their support. Probably Managers don't see the value of automation and thus give it a lower priority than for instance going to market sooner.
  2. Testers don't help the automation team
  3. Developers don't help the automation team
  4. Specialists don't help the automation team with special automation problems (Databases, networks etc.)
  5. Nobody helps new automators
  6. Managers think that after they bought an expensive tool, they don't need to invest in anything else. In this case usually management expected a "silver bullet" or magic! See the issue UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS

If you are having general problems with lack of support in many areas, the issue INADEQUATE SUPPORT may help.

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