Lack of resources

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Please select what you think is the main reason for the lack of resources:

For the following items look up the issue AD-HOC AUTOMATION:
  1. Expenses for test automation resources have not been budgeted
  2. There are not enough machines on which to run automation
  3. The databases for automation have to be shared with development or testing
  4. There are not enough tool licences

More reasons for lack of resources:

  1. No time has been planned for automation or it is not sufficient. Look up the issue SCHEDULE SLIP for help in this case
  2. Training for automation has not been planned for. See the issue LIMITED EXPERIENCE for good tips
  3. Nobody has been assigned to do automation, it gets done "on the side" when one has time to spare. The issue INADEQUATE TEAM should give you useful suggestions on how to solve this problem

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