Solution to Sharon Stressed

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Sharon started test automation for her company. She developed a lot of automated tests and both testers and management have been really satisfied with her work.
But the problem is that Sharon is getting more and more busy working on more and more tests that people now want her to automate, and she has less and less time for script maintenance. There are some scripts that could do with being re-factored, some common areas that should now be made into common scripts, and some tests that are failing because the applications being tested have changed in ways that the scripts didn’t plan to cope with. Sharon is getting stressed! No one else has the technical expertise to do the maintenance, and she is too busy writing new automated tests.

Using the Diagnostic, what is Sharon’s main issue?

Here are some possible ways to get to the issue using the Diagnostic:
1. Since Sharon is the only one with enough technical expertise, the first possibility is to look at the issue LIMITED EXPERIENCE.
2. From the Diagnostic, Improve or revive test automation