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Ursula has recently begun automation and is trying to structure the tests in a good way using good programming principles. She has a developer background so is happy working with automation code.

What Ursula struggles with is deciding what tests should be automated. She started out by just picking a few that seemed a good idea, some smoke tests that were run often. But then she decided to automate some that were easy to automate, because that made her “look good” for making progress on the automation. Now there are complaints that some of the most important parts of the application have no automation, and there is still lots of manual testing that needs to be done, even though a lot of tests have been automated.


1) Go to Test Automation Issues Mind Map or Test Automation Issues Mind map with clickable links. Look through the Issue names and see if one stands out as Ursula's main problem. See which patterns would solve it

2) Go to Test Automation Patterns Mind Map or Test Automation Patterns Mind Map with clickable links. Look through the Pattern names and see which stand out as possible solutions for Ursula.

3) Go to the Diagnostic. Answer the questions on Ursula's behalf and see if you find the same issues and patterns.

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