Updating the automation scripts

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Why do you need to update your automation scripts?

Please select the main reason to rework the scripts from the list below:

  1. Minor changes to the Software Under Test (SUT) cause large changes to the automation: look up the issue BRITTLE SCRIPTS to get suggestions how to solve this problem.
  2. Substantial changes to the SUT: you will not be able to avoid reworking your scripts. In fact it can be the right time to switch to a better tool or a better test automation architecture (see issue SUT REMAKE).
  3. The SUT makes automation difficult: the issue HARD-TO-AUTOMATE describes quite a few behavioral problems. Look it up for suggestions about which patterns could help solve your problems.
  4. Changes to the automation tool(s) are causing lots of scripts to need updating: the issue TOOL DEPENDENCY will guide you to the patterns that can help you solve this problem.

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