Lack of specific knowledge

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Please select where you think the lack of knowledge is most severe

For the following items the issue of choice is LIMITED EXPERIENCE:
  1. The people that are to use the automation tool don't know how to use it
  2. The automators don't know the application they are supposed to automate
  3. Testers are supposed to write automation scripts, but don't know how

Other possible reasons for lack of knowledge:

  1. Management doesn't know what test automation means and therefore Managers don't see the value
  2. The only one that knew the automation has left the company. Look up the issue KNOW-HOW LEAKAGE in this case
  3. You need an automation tool but don't know what criteria to apply to select the best one for your application. The issue INADEQUATE TOOLS will point to you the patterns needed to select the best tool for your application
  4. The Software Under Test (SUT) works with databases (or networks or whatever) and the automators are no experts in that field. Since it's usually not necessary for the automation team to be experts in every field, the issue that will help you here is INADEQUATE SUPPORT

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