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How to give feedback about this wiki

When you read about the patterns and issues in this wiki, you may recognise things that you have also experienced yourself. If you would like to share your experiences of using particular patterns, this can be very helpful to other people in seeing how to apply a pattern. We appreciate and encourage sharing of experiences here and thanks to those who have already shared their expertise.

If you would like to add your experience(s) of using one (or more) of these Patterns, please use Contact Form to send in your comments. You can contribute just a sentence or two about your experience, or a few paragraphs. It's ok to use code examples if you want, and it's ok to mention specific tools. Be brief and concise and focus on what would help other people using the Pattern.

You can also use the Contact Form to give us any other feedback about the wiki, to tell us about any mistakes you have noticed, or any suggestions to change a Pattern or Issue.

What happens to my contribution?

Your comments, experiences and suggestions will be reviewed by a wiki technical monitor (currently the wiki founders Seretta Gamba and/or Dorothy Graham). We will add your contribution to the wiki and email you when we have done so, and will acknowledge significant contributions in the Acknowledgements. We may also contact you if we have further questions, and we may add our own comments to yours.