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We would like to thank the following people for contributing to this wiki:

Albert-Jan van Blaaderen for his suggestion to use analogies in the pattern SHARE INFORMATION

José Pita for his suggestion on how to make our mindmaps clickable

Sergiusz Golec for his experiences on the pattern AUTOMATE WHAT'S NEEDED and a suggestion in GOOD DEVELOPMENT PROCESS

Seretta and Dot would like to thank the EuroSTAR Conferences Team for hosting this wiki, and in particular all the work done by Cathal O'hEidhin to transfer this wiki from the now defunct

Liz (of the book) for adding the tip about LOCALISED REGIMES in the Diagnostic

Vincent Wijnen for his experiences on the pattern AUTOMATE GOOD TESTS and a hint to an important problem in WHOLE TEAM APPROACH

Lars Nordin for comments on several patterns, (CAPTURE-REPLAY, OBJECT MAP and INTERDEPENDENT TEST CASES)

James Tony for a lot of useful ideas for different patterns or issues

Freddy Vega for adding his experience to the pattern OBJECT MAP

The test team at BREDEX and in particular Alexandra Schladebeck for suggesting the pattern VERIFY-ACT-VERIFY

Kristoffer Nordstrom for inspiring us about Gamification, from his talk at EuroStar 2014. See his Experience story in ASK FOR HELP.

Richard Bradshaw for informing us on the pattern Data Builder, which gave us the idea for the pattern DEFAULT DATA

Bryan Bakker for the pattern RIGHT INTERACTION LEVEL.and for adding his experiences to the patterns DOCUMENT THE TESTWARE and ABSTRACTION LEVELS.
And also for adding experiences to AUTOMATE GOOD TESTS and FAIL GRACEFULLY - thank you!

Marcus Merrell for sharing his excellent list of TEST SELECTOR categories.

Martin Gijsen for successfully doing some bug-hunting in the wiki, and for a possible clickable mind map option.

John Stevenson for a possible clickable mind map option. We are currently investigating both of these!

Hans Buwalda for his comment about testing both the tests and the automation (keywords, etc) in TEST THE TESTS.

Michael Stahl for his experience hints on TEST THE TESTS.

Dave Martin for his Anti-Patterns from which we got the idea for the issues DATE DEPENDENCY and GIANT SCRIPTS.
Michael Lüttel for suggestions to questions to ask when selecting a tool (RIGHT TOOLS).

Derek Bergin for contributions to several issues and patterns.
Geraldine MacNamara for reviewing new material on diagnostics.
Jochim Van Dorpe for adding his experiences to a lot of patterns (for example [ STANDARDS]]).

Teemu Kanstren for helpful comments about navigation and grouping.

Roger Graham for advice on re-structuring the categories and help building an offline wiki for use in tutorials.

Jen Leger for contributing her experience and useful advice to the patterns AUTOMATION ROLES and GOOD DEVELOPMENT PROCESS.

Jim Hazen for 2 examples for HARD-TO-AUTOMATE

Jonathon Wright for some new ideas for patterns.

Jon Hagar and Jerry Durant for comments about the patterns in general.

Gerrard Meszaros, author of "xUnit Test Patterns: Refactoring Test Code" (see References) for Discussions and Challenges about the format of what we are calling patterns, but he thinks would be better referred to as practices.

Michael Stahl for his Failure Patterns.

Patrick de Beer for feedback and suggested additional points.

Those who responded to the request for feedback in August 2013: Dermot Kirk, Ben Northgrave, Yi Xu.

Doug Hoffman for comments on FRESH SETUP and SHARED SETUP

Ane Clausen for an example to the pattern SKIP VOID INPUTS
Gaby Spengler for an example to the pattern AUTOMATE_WHAT'S_NEEDED

Thorsten Schönfelder for adding a new Issue (LITTER BUG), and adding an example to HARD-TO-AUTOMATE

At our first workshop at Belgium Testing Days, 28th Feb 2013:
Lisa Crispin says: "I've had a quick look and am excited about this"
And she also requests that we refer to "test code" and "production code". (Good idea - thanks.)