Testers don't help the automation team

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Please select what you think is the main reason for the lack of support from testers:

  1. Testers think that the Software Under Test (SUT) is so complex that it's impossible to automate, so why try
  2. Testers don't have time because they have an enormous load of manual tests to execute
  3. Testers think that the SUT is still too unstable to automate and so don't want to waste their time. Take a look at the issue TOO EARLY AUTOMATION
  4. Testers don't understand that automation can also ease their work with manual tests. The issue INADEQUATE COMMUNICATION will show you what patterns can help you in this case
  5. Testers have been burned before with test automation and don't want to repeat the experience. Look up issue UNMOTIVATED TEAM for help here
  6. Testers do see the value of automation, but don't want to have anything to do with it. Your issue is probably NON-TECHNICAL-TESTERS
  7. Supporting automation is not in the test plan and so testers won't do it. Check the issue AD-HOC AUTOMATION for suggestions

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