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Ted’s automation was going just great – lots of tests automated, regression suites run every night, scripts were well-structured, and Ted was really happy with the tool they have build their tests in. It was a well-established tool and they were confident if would be around for a long time – that’s why they went for it.

But now there is a problem. The tool development is headed in one direction, and the applications Ted is testing are going in a completely different direction. Ted has tried to convince the tool vendors to support their company, but they won’t do it. They will no longer support the version Ted is using, which is several releases out of date already, since the new features in the tool were not compatible with their tests. What should Ted do? Does he need to start again from scratch with a new tool? How can he make sure things will be better next time?

1) Go to Test Automation Issues Mind Map or Test Automation Issues Mind map with clickable links. Look through the Issue names and see if one stands out as Ted's main problem. See which patterns would solve it

2) Go to Test Automation Patterns Mind Map or Test Automation Patterns Mind Map with clickable links. Look through the Pattern names and see which stand out as possible solutions for Ted.

3) Go to the Diagnostic. Answer the questions on Ted's behalf and see if you find the same issues and patterns.

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