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Welcome to Test Automation Patterns Wiki

How to get started:

If you are new to the wiki the best way to get started is using the Diagnostic.
The diagnostic asks you questions about where you are now in your automation to lead you to the issue(s)/problem(s) that are most relevant for you, and then to the patterns that will help you.

Note that you don't need to have any experience of automation to make use of the ideas here, although it might be helpful.

Test Automation Issues: what is an issue, typical test automation issues, classification of issues, and failure issues or anti-patterns.

Test Automation Patterns: what is a pattern, what a pattern is not, typical test automation patterns, classification of patterns.

Introduction and Background for this wiki, including Purpose and Scope, what's in the wiki, the history of the wiki, and how you can help contribute to it.

You are also welcome to browse the issues and patterns (using the links in the left-hand navigation panel). For example, if your main concern at the moment is that your previous attempts at automation seemed to get started but then faltered, STALLED AUTOMATION can be found on the Process Issues page. Each issue will suggest Patterns that can help. If you are new to automation, the issue NO PREVIOUS TEST AUTOMATION on the Management Issues page might be a good place to start.

This Wiki

This wiki is available to view publicly (read-only). If you have suggestions to add or change page content (e.g. to add your experiences), please follow the instructions on the Feedback page. Use this page also to tell us about any errors you find and any suggestions to improve it.


References to Books and other resources relating to patterns and test automation.


This wiki is currently available only in english. An effort is underway to translate it into brasilian portuguese. Portuguese

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