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Ivy is the person who was the sole “champion” for automation. She knew that it would be very helpful to be able to run some of the regression tests overnight, so she got an open source test execution tool and began automating some tests. Soon she was experiencing the benefits, as a few regression bugs were found by her automated tests. Then other people saw what she had done and wanted to get some automation for their projects too. Ivy did show them what she had done, but it couldn’t be done in exactly the same way for various reasons. She wanted to help them with their automation, so she went to her manager and asked whether she could do this.

Unfortunately, her boss just needs her to continue with the testing that she has already been assigned to do. He doesn’t care if her own tests are manual or automated, but he wants her just to concentrate on her assigned role and project. She tried to explain that there were lots of benefits by coordinating automation with other teams, but got nowhere. Now she secretly helps the other team when she can, but she wishes she could do more and provide more benefit, but she is blocked by her own manager.

1) Look at the Test Automation Patterns Mind Map or Test Automation Patterns Mind Map with clickable links. Which Pattern(s) would best represent the solution to Ivy’s current problem?

2) Using the Diagnostic, what Issue(s) describe Ivy’s current problem and what Pattern(s) would be most beneficial?

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