Automation isn't what they expected

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Managers may have authorised getting started with automation, approved funding for purchasing a tool and/or for training, and allowed time for development of good automation. This support is needed in order to get automation "off the ground". But managers will also have expectations about what can be accomplished with automation, what Return on Investment (ROI) they hope to achieve, and how quickly things will happen. If these expectations are not met, then the automation may be deemed a failure, even if it is actually progressing quite well.

What area is the one that managers' expectations are not being met? You will find suggestions for appropriate patterns in the issue shown after the area below.

  1. Timescale, not moving fast enough - See issue SCHEDULE SLIP
  2. Not achieving expected ROI - See issue HIGH ROI EXPECTATIONS
  3. Expected automation to do much more than it can, i.e. they expected a "silver bullet" or magic! See issue UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS

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